Scientific programme

This conference is intended as a follow-up of meetings on the same topic held in Europe and USA in recent years:

While these workshops were deliberately smaller and less formal meetings focused on open problems in the field, the present event at CIRM will be a full-scale conference to which the previous activities naturally result.

The main goal is to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations across the mathematical analysis and mathematical physics community, with a central role being played by the theory of non-self-adjoint operators. The meeting will address state-of-the-art techniques for the mathematically rigorous analysis of non-self-adjoint phenomena encountered in main stream and newly developing fields of physics. An emphasis will be put on non-self-adjoint operators related to problems in:

  • quantum mechanics with non-Hermitian operators,
  • repeated interaction quantum systems,
  • superconductivity,
  • hydrodynamics,
  • metamaterials,
  • optics.

Experts in operator theory, microlocal analysis, and mathematical physics will be brought together to address challenging open problems involving the rigorous mathematical framework of the physical theories.

We plan to have invited as well as contributed talks. The final schedule will be prepared at a later stage; the contributed talks will be selected by the organisers and scientific committee.

Invited speakers:

  • Anne Sophie Bonnet-BenDhia (Paris)
  • Lyonell Boulton (Edinburgh)
  • Cristina Câmara (Lisbon)
  • Nils Dencker (Lund)
  • A.F.M. ter Elst (Auckland)
  • Luca Fanelli (Rome)
  • Eduard Feireisl (Prague)
  • Didier Felbacq (Montpellier)
  • Eva A. Gallardo Gutiérrez (Madrid)
  • Ilya Goldsheid (London)
  • Bernard Helffer (Orsay)
  • Patrick Joly (Paris)
  • Martin Kolb (Paderborn)
  • Vadim Kostrykin (Mainz)
  • Stanislas Kupin (Bordeaux)
  • Yehuda Pinchover (Haifa)
  • Zdeněk Strakoš (Prague)
  • Christiane Tretter (Bern)

Contributed talks:

  • Sabine Bögli (Munich)
  • Malcolm B. Brown (Cardiff)
  • Gabriel Cardoso (Lisbon)
  • Jean-Claude Cuenin (Munich)
  • Christian Engström (Umeå)
  • Francesco Ferrulli (London)
  • Marcel Hansmann (Chemnitz)
  • Orif Ibrogimov (London)
  • Florian Leben (Ilmenau)
  • Jiří Lipovský (Hradec Králové)
  • Vladimir Lotoreichik (Řež)
  • Haruya Mizutani (Osaka)
  • Ali Mostafazadeh (Istanbul)
  • Ivica Nakić (Zagreb)
  • Nicolas Raymond (Rennes)
  • Frank Rösler (Freiburg)
  • Alexander Sakhnovich (Vienna)
  • Stephan Schmitz (Columbia)
  • Axel Torshage (Umeå)
  • Carsten Trunk (Ilmenau)
  • Sergey Tumanov (Moscow)
  • Oktay Veliev (Dogus)
  • Joe Viola (Nantes)
  • Monika Winklmeier (Bogotá)
  • Ian Wood (Canterbury)
  • Christian Wyss (Wuppertal)

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